Monthly Archives: November 2012

So how did it all happen?

The Earth is gone.
What we built took it from us.

In our last, desperate attempt to salvage the beauty and wonder of our home planet, our small crew of heroes loaded the only future we have left onto a fragile ship and launched ourselves into the darkness to make a new home and a new destiny.
The Arkship carries a cargo of ARKS (Aggregate Restructuring Karyotype Server): life bombs designed to blanket a habitable world with the actual biology of the Earth, creating a new, pristine version of the world we had to leave behind. The world we were forced off of.

We knew the dangers of self-replicating molecular nanobots; the end of the world scenario spelled out in popular fiction and scientific papers. We built safeguards to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening. But it happened. And we don’t know how. Did they evolve? Was there an error? Were they altered?
All we do know is that the nanobots began building more nanobots at an exponential rate. And they built them out of the Earth. Air, rock, cities, people all being restructured into tiny workers. Our whole planet stripped bare by the locusts we built.

With no way to stop them, we embarked on our dangerous mission of hope: to build new Earths, and a new humanity with the not just the collected knowledge of millennia, but the collected wisdom as well.
We will succeed, and humanity will carry on and prosper. What we have lost will grant us a better future.