So I was feeling a little smug when we were working on scoring.

I held the office high score with like almost 40,000 points. I was untouchable.

My name was whispered in tones of hushed awe. After work at the bar, I drank for free. (come to think of it, that might have been because of the fringed suede chaps and my pole dancing, but I’m going to cling to my beliefs)

After I’d made enough money off of the inter-office Shifts tournament to pay my rent for the year and buy a large stake in that alpaca ranch, the other guys all de-friended me on Game Center and stopped telling me their scores. (actually, they stopped talking to me altogether…)

Needless to say, I went into our update release feeling pretty confident that I’d be able to feel pretty confident about my score for a good, long while. I wouldn’t even need to play on Game Center. No one could possibly touch me, I MADE this game.

Yeah, that lasted about 25 minutes.

My awesome score, which I achieved once, before we went live, on an internal build, that I didn’t screenshot, and thus have no proof of, wouldn’t even get me in the top 10 now.

You guys have kicked some ass.

At the time I’m writing this, the #1 score is 53,339. That’s impressive. I’m suitably humbled. With a score like that, you shouldn’t even need the chaps to drink for free.



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