Personal Profile: Zach Larson

biophoto-zachHi! I’m one of the founders of Threadbare Games. I’m also the closest thing to a suit we have; I handle marketing, business development, and strategy.

I’m also a life-long gamer. The first video game I played was Dungeons & Dragons on Colecovision which made sense since pen and paper D&D was my first exposure to role-playing. I played Tetris on the original Gameboy until I saw the shapes everywhere. I’m one of my groups usual Game Masters too. I’ve created worlds (which, let’s be honest, were mostly ridiculous rip-offs of mediocre fiction), made more characters than I can count, and still seethe when I remember one of my friends killing my star NPC in one blow.

I don’t tend to play games to win. I play games ’cause I love ‘em. I’m perfectly happy playing a game and losing. Just so long as I’m playing a game. I have a special fondness for co-op games (because I want you to win too!). I also have the attention span of a meth’d up gnat.

I’m married to an awesome wife who indulges my gaming (and startup!) hunger. I have a wee daughter who’s just starting to learn to love games. In about 9 years she’ll be horribly embarrassed by me and I’m OK with that.

Prior to founding an indie game studio I worked at a variety of web centered businesses. Most recently I was the product guy behind SideReel ( It was acquired in 2011 and I eventually stepped away to try my hand at making games professionally.

I like more than just games though. I find strange satisfaction in dragging heavy weights up hills and drinking bourbon in front of fires.

Currently playing: Mage Wars, Backgammon, Hold ‘em, Shadowfist, King of Tokyo, and Roborally. When I get console time I’m slowly working my way through Mark of the Ninja.

Currently reading: The Vorkosigan Saga and A History of Future Cities.

Currently watching: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and The West Wing.

On Twitter I’m @zachlarson and, if you follow me, I’ll send you a hug via the internet.

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