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biophoto-jamieI’ve been tasked with the incredibly unenviable task of writing my own personal profile.

My list of skills is filled with a variety of eclectic, useless things, but self-promotion isn’t among them. (I suppose I should amend that… self-promotion while sober isn’t among them)


I’m the in house game designer here at Threadbare. My job is to drink the beer. There’s a bunch of other stuff people keep asking me to do, but first and foremost, I drink the beer. I also have to make up games and tweak all the under the hood stuff to make it fun.

As a kid, family board games were a pretty common staple around the house, but my eyes were really opened when my school got it’s first TRS-80, and our elementary school game piracy ring started up in force. Pretty soon all of the young nerds were carrying around black plastic cases filled with 5 1/4″ floppy disks packed with illicit software. We’d spend our weekends at the computer lab in the back of the local Radio Shack staring at black and white pixels the size of your fingernail.

Here it is, years later, (lots of years… I mean LOTS of years) and things are pretty much the same. Sure, the graphics are better, I have a lot less hair, a little more beard, and way more bourbon than I did, and nobody gives a sh*t about Radio Shack anymore, but other than that, pretty much the same.

Nowadays a lot of my time is occupied with board and card games (and beer), but I still keep the digital kind close to my heart.

I’ve done some work in role playing games and other aspects of the table top world, but Threadbare is my first foray into actually making video games. So far, so awesome.

Currently Playing: Mage Wars, Shadowfist, Twilight Imperium, Libertalia and Sentinels of the Multiverse. On the PC, I’m chewing through indie games, all in the name of “research”.

Currently Reading: Wool (the Silo saga) and Gene Wolfe.

Currently Watching: Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Archer.

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