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Personal Profile: Connor Fitzgerrell

Hi, my name is Connor Fitzgerrell. I just started here today. The first thing I was asked to do was a personal profile on the blog. Here goes. I started gaming when I was about 4 years old playing my aunts NES and SNES. Duck Hunt and The Legend of Zelda bring back fond memories the way a familiar lullaby does for most people. I got my first game device as a prize from selling Cub Scout popcorn. Yes that Playstation still works today, and is most likely the reason I quit Cub Scouts. Who wants to race little wooden cars when you can shoot your friends with missiles in Crash Team Racing? From there I would spend most afternoons playing Golden Eye, Warcraft 2, Smash Brothers, Mech Warrior 2 and Magic the Gathering, cards supplied by the best big brother anyone has ever had. Then Xbox came out and with it, Halo. I was hooked on first person shooters. Even though I could barely wrap my tiny eight year old hands around that giant brick of a controller.

I discovered PC gaming and Starcraft when I was 10. It had been out for a while and I had herd of it, but never really played it. The ability to create my own game modes and maps was amazing. It was completely responsible for me wanting to work in the video game industry. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I have been raised on video games, and have loved them longer than I can remember.

Fast forward to the present I’m 23, and just starting to get my feet wet in the industry. When I first met Zach he was not what I was expecting. A laid back guy with earrings and tattoos. The more we talked the more I wanted to be a part of Threadbare. So here I am. My official job is to test the games and communicate with all of you. I’m happy to discuss anything and everything games, take your thoughts and suggestions and pass them on to the team, or just goof off playing forum games. If your looking for someone to discuss or play a game with I’m your guy. I look forward to being your link to all things Threadbare.

Connor Fitzgerrell,