Weekly update 11/22/2013

Hello everyone,

I have decided to start putting out a weekly update to better communicate with our community and share some of the exciting things happening at Threadbare.

To avoid the wall of text I have broken the update down into several categories.


- Linh has been cranking out pieces of concept art for our new game. Look forward to tons of theme, character, and U.I. pieces in the coming weeks.



- Jen has been finishing off sprite sheets for Goblin Grand Prix and they look great. We should have a playable version ready to test soon!

Game Design:

- Jamie and I have been playing around with the old Shifts design and have created several prototypes that we are testing in house. We know that we want it to be similar to  the old game but have more focus on the map and flying through space.  

Game Design small

- We have also been playing with several themes for the narrative and I think it is safe to say we have covered just about everything from pop culture short of Star Wars.


- Randy so close to a playable product with Goblin Grand Prix we can hardly stand it! As we speak he is loading up the sprite sheets for a samurai golem.

GGP Title Screen small

- We have recently switched to developing in Unity and as our first project Dan is rebuilding Shifts for release on multiple platforms. Yay Unity!d

That about does it! Feel free to ask any questions you may have on the Facebook post regarding this update, only Jamie bites.

Thanks for reading,

Connor Fitzgerrell

Assistant Producer|Threadbare Games

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