Weekly update 12/2/2013

Hello everyone,

Since we had Friday off I decided to release the weekly update from last week today. Things are progressing smoothly with most of our projects. Here is what everyone is up to:


The first Golem is being rendered and painted as I type this. It is alway exciting to see the progression of a character from concept to finished model and this is one of my favorite stages. Jen is killing it!


Linh has been spending the week engrossed in space piracy and has produced some amazing drawings. Here is a sample:

12-2-2013 2

Game Design:

*Phew* paper prototyping is a long process. Jamie and I spent most of the week creating at least ten different versions of a potential update to the Shifts universe. We know we want it to have more progression in the form of permanent upgrades to your Ship and officers. These will be earned by progressing through a series of openly explorable maps.


Randy and Ryan have been spending the week finishing up Goblin Grand Prix Alpha and we are now day away from a testable product provided everything goes according to plan. Software development is very tricky particularly for games.

12-2-2013 dev

Dan had switched over to helping finish up Goblin Grand Prix but then bugs sprang up in the current version of Shifts and he has been annihilating them like a human Roach Motel.

Thats about it! Feel free to ask any questions you may have here or on our Facebook.

Thanks for reading,

Connor Fitzgerrell

Assistant Producer|Threadbare Games

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