Weekly update 1/10/2014

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the first update of the year. After a couple weeks off the Threadbare crew is back at it! Here is what we have planned for the upcoming months


One of the advantages of converting the game to Unity is that it is much easier to add 3D models and animation. With that in mind we have decided to swap out some of the assets for newer 3D models. So far we have found some amazing stuff we can easily use in the Unity asset store. If you are a dev check it out. It is awesome.

Shifts ship


We played a ton of this over the break and we are really proud of how far it has come. We will be pitching it to publishers soon and can’t wait to hear what they think of it.

Secret Projects… all I can say is that we have some awesome stuff in the works for a local company!

Thanks for reading and we hope you all had a great holiday!

The Threadbare Games Team

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