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Shifts update 2/27/2014

Hey all!

After reading all the comments on various websites and forums we have decided to permanently remove the in app ads from the game. It will still be free with in app expansion purchases. The new build is currently being reviewed by Apple and should be live within a day or two.

Click here to download Shifts!

Click here to download Shifts!

We have always strived to listen to our players feedback because we understand that the good will of fans is priceless. If you want to provide feedback you can always send an email to: A big thank you goes out to all of our players for their patience.

See you out there in ad free space!

The Threadbare Crew

Threadbare Games creates an app to help fund the Immunity Project

Weekly Update 2/12/2014 The Immunity Project and Sparkart

What have we been doing the last month?!?

immunity project banner
We have been working with another local company developing a fundraising app that will be used to help the Immunity Project. Now that the contracts have been signed we can share this exciting news with the world.

The Immunity Project is a non-profit initiative dedicated to developing an HIV vaccine. They hacked the HIV life cycle to develop a vaccine that gives normal people the same power as HIV controllers. With success in their clinical trials, they aim to give their vaccine away to the world for free. Most recently they have been accepted into elite accelerator program Y Combinator. You can read more about them here.

We are making a game for Android to be released in many countries across the world.


Jen did most of the art and, so far, the app looks sweet! There are gems and a dragon and an entire planet made out of coins. It seriously looks like your phone will explode from all the treasure inside it. Great work Jen!

With another company handling localization we are able to put our full focus into making a clean app that runs cleanly and is extremely intuitive to operate. So far it runs fairly well but we need other devices to test it on so if you have an old Android phone lying around please send it our way. The more we get, the more we can test, and the more stable the app will be. You can email us about phone donations at

We are extremely excited to be working for such an awesome cause and hope that you are as stoked as we are!


The Threadbare Crew!