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My CEO went to PAX East and all I got was this video….

Zach went off to PAX East last month, and the nice guys at interviewed him for their iOS report!

Check out what he has to say through the crushing grip of his jetlag below:

You can check it out on their site and see some other great approaching games here:

Maybe we’re just pessimists

We seem to be obsessed with the death of mankind.

Shifts, our first game, has you fleeing a dead Earth in a disintegrating ship crewed by the last vestiges of humanity. Things are bad, getting worse, and you’re going to die.

So we start a new project. After the grim desolation of Shifts, we should be doing happy rainbows and puppies, maybe with some candy, or ferrets in sweaters.

ferrets in sweaters


Terra Omega, our current work in progress, puts you in direct conflict with aliens hell-bent on ending humanity.

Their force came with no warning, and with no reason. We don’t know why, but they want us dead and our planet changed irrevocably. And they’re winning.

Their forces are demolishing cities and populations without mercy. Their machines are changing our Earth into something else. Something made for someone else.

Pushed to the edge, humanity has one option left: Fight or Die.

You play as the leader of a local insurgent force, struggling to battle back against the invaders by any means necessary.

Your cell is just part of the larger resistance, but since the whole planet is now behind enemy lines, communications are limited and you can’t count on anyone but your team.

Will you be able to strike meaningful blows against the merciless invasion? Can you protect the Earth? Can anyone?


The End is Near!

The Threadbare crew has been hip deep in our new project, Terra Omega!IMG_0006

Invaders have come, and the Earth’s last stand is now!

Your insurgent force is the only thing that stands in the way of alien genocide. Will your skillful tactics give you the upper hand against the wave of alien troopers taking over our planet?

Stay tuned for more announcements and info!