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Shifts update 2/27/2014

Hey all!

After reading all the comments on various websites and forums we have decided to permanently remove the in app ads from the game. It will still be free with in app expansion purchases. The new build is currently being reviewed by Apple and should be live within a day or two.

Click here to download Shifts!

Click here to download Shifts!

We have always strived to listen to our players feedback because we understand that the good will of fans is priceless. If you want to provide feedback you can always send an email to: A big thank you goes out to all of our players for their patience.

See you out there in ad free space!

The Threadbare Crew

Weekly update 1/10/2014

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the first update of the year. After a couple weeks off the Threadbare crew is back at it! Here is what we have planned for the upcoming months


One of the advantages of converting the game to Unity is that it is much easier to add 3D models and animation. With that in mind we have decided to swap out some of the assets for newer 3D models. So far we have found some amazing stuff we can easily use in the Unity asset store. If you are a dev check it out. It is awesome.

Shifts ship


We played a ton of this over the break and we are really proud of how far it has come. We will be pitching it to publishers soon and can’t wait to hear what they think of it.

Secret Projects… all I can say is that we have some awesome stuff in the works for a local company!

Thanks for reading and we hope you all had a great holiday!

The Threadbare Games Team

Weekly update 12/20/2013

Weekly update 12/20/2013

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the final update of the year. We will be taking a couple weeks off to enjoy some time with our families and friends, and to play some games which I will get into later. First lets talk about this last week.

The stone golem for GGP is now fully 3D and animated. He looks awesome, and you can witness the glory HERE.  GGP now has background art as well.

Unity Shifts is coming along nicely. We are in the process of adding the crises deck and updating our backlog now! (super interesting, I know).

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 12

Currently there is an error in Shifts that causes retina iPads to not display the settings menu properly. Here is a screenshot to help with that while we get it fixed.

Glitched screen

Over the break we will all be playing a variety of video and board games. Here is what everyone will be playing.

Zach – Hoot Owl Hoot, Minecraft.

Dan – Master of Mana Mod for Civilization 4. He is looking for a new strategy RPG game to play leave a comment below to help him out.

Connor – Hawken, Fallout: New Vegas, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2.

Randy – Borderlands 2, Saints Row 4, Hawken.

Ryan – Borderlands 2, Saints Row 4, Hawken.

Thanks for a great year! Happy Holidays!

The Threadbare Games Team

TGB holiday

Weekly Update 12/12/2013

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the late update. We have been focused on the re-launch of Shifts and the office has been hectic. Without further ado, here is the latest update.


The first Goblin Grand Prix (GGP) Golem 3D render is DONE! Jen is killing it! The next stage is to animate him so that he moves, pushes and falls smoothly.


Linh has been drawing up some awesome concept art for new game ideas. I can’t say more than we have some big things in the works.

Game Design:

We are on to UI testing for our next space based game. A big shout out to those of you who have helped out with this. We could not do it without you.


We have been looking into the best way to do a single player mode for GGP and some pretty neat ideas have come along that should be very easy to implement. We will have more on this next week.


Shifts launched a few days ago, and most, but not all, of our development resources have been directed to making sure that it is functioning as intended. When the game first went live we discovered that the  store was not functioning which ,as you can imagine, caused a minor panic around the lair.

The rest of our resources have been directed at implementing an in app purchase to remove ads from Shifts. This is very important to us after hearing all the feedback from the community. We really appreciate all the support we have and don’t want people to ever feel cheated of a great gaming experience.

Thats about it! Feel free to ask any questions you may have here, or on our Facebook.

Thanks for reading,

Connor Fitzgerrell

Assistant Producer

Threadbare Games

Weekly update 12/2/2013

Hello everyone,

Since we had Friday off I decided to release the weekly update from last week today. Things are progressing smoothly with most of our projects. Here is what everyone is up to:


The first Golem is being rendered and painted as I type this. It is alway exciting to see the progression of a character from concept to finished model and this is one of my favorite stages. Jen is killing it!


Linh has been spending the week engrossed in space piracy and has produced some amazing drawings. Here is a sample:

12-2-2013 2

Game Design:

*Phew* paper prototyping is a long process. Jamie and I spent most of the week creating at least ten different versions of a potential update to the Shifts universe. We know we want it to have more progression in the form of permanent upgrades to your Ship and officers. These will be earned by progressing through a series of openly explorable maps.


Randy and Ryan have been spending the week finishing up Goblin Grand Prix Alpha and we are now day away from a testable product provided everything goes according to plan. Software development is very tricky particularly for games.

12-2-2013 dev

Dan had switched over to helping finish up Goblin Grand Prix but then bugs sprang up in the current version of Shifts and he has been annihilating them like a human Roach Motel.

Thats about it! Feel free to ask any questions you may have here or on our Facebook.

Thanks for reading,

Connor Fitzgerrell

Assistant Producer|Threadbare Games

Weekly update 11/22/2013

Hello everyone,

I have decided to start putting out a weekly update to better communicate with our community and share some of the exciting things happening at Threadbare.

To avoid the wall of text I have broken the update down into several categories.


- Linh has been cranking out pieces of concept art for our new game. Look forward to tons of theme, character, and U.I. pieces in the coming weeks.



- Jen has been finishing off sprite sheets for Goblin Grand Prix and they look great. We should have a playable version ready to test soon!

Game Design:

- Jamie and I have been playing around with the old Shifts design and have created several prototypes that we are testing in house. We know that we want it to be similar to  the old game but have more focus on the map and flying through space.  

Game Design small

- We have also been playing with several themes for the narrative and I think it is safe to say we have covered just about everything from pop culture short of Star Wars.


- Randy so close to a playable product with Goblin Grand Prix we can hardly stand it! As we speak he is loading up the sprite sheets for a samurai golem.

GGP Title Screen small

- We have recently switched to developing in Unity and as our first project Dan is rebuilding Shifts for release on multiple platforms. Yay Unity!d

That about does it! Feel free to ask any questions you may have on the Facebook post regarding this update, only Jamie bites.

Thanks for reading,

Connor Fitzgerrell

Assistant Producer|Threadbare Games

Threadbare Games went to PAX



The Threadbare Games team (well, most of us anyway) went to PAX Dev and PAX Prime. It was fun, exhausting, and informative.

PAX Dev was surprisingly useful given that it was small. Usually I expect a 80/20 split between useless sessions and useful ones. This was closer to 50/50. Of especial interest was a great session on funding from Proletariat Games (spiritual kins to Threadbare) and an interesting (if sometimes rambling) talk from Randy Pitchford of Gearbox. Much to digest.

Prime itself was a non-stop onslaught of overstimulation. I LOVED the indie section; we’ll try to be there next year.

Games I found neat:
- Golem Arcana from Harebrained Schemes (digital/physical miniature game fusion!)
- Zombie Zombie Zombie from Big Fish Fames (great tablet gestural controls)
- The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games (because, seriously)

The best part of PAX, however, was the late night team conversations we had. As a team of folks new to making games it was really interesting to soak in the world for a bit and realize the vast wealth of things we have to learn.

The adventure continues!